Electronic Door Viewer with IR Night Camera


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LCD screen: 2.8 inch

Adapter: 5v 2A

Resolution: 320*240

Vision angle: Horizontal 90 degree(diagonal 120 degree)

Memory: Built-in cyclic storage (in device)

Door hole Diameter: 14-22mm

Door thickness: 35-120mm

IR LEDS: 2 PCS, 850nm

Product Size:

Indoor part: 90*88.5*13mm

Outdoor part: 55*13mm


All necessary accessory as photo



4 Country Warehouse: China, Russian Federation, Spain, United States

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  • Protect your home with KAK digital door viewer

  1. 2.8 inch high-definition LCD screen, so you can know more front of your door.

  2. The product is equipped with intelligent operating system which can be easily used by the elderly and children.

  3. Automatic taking photo

  4. When someone press 'doorbell key', the device will power on and take photo

  • Night Vision & Wide Angle of View

  1. With 2pcs IR-LED, even in the dark environment can look clearly outside,make you feel safe.

  2. The exterior piece of the Door Viewer has one million high-definition camera,and Horizontal 90 degree(diagonal 120 degree)
    wide angle so that you'll get a crystal clear image of who is at your front door, by using the monitor inside the door.

  • Worry-free storage

  1. Internal memory can store photos with automatic looping

  2. With doorbell function, Children & Senior-friendly. Also great for house guests.

  • 3 Months long standby time

  1. Ultra-low power consumption design

  2. Built-in 900mAh lithium battery and easily charged by USB. With low power consumption and long standby time in energy-saving

  3. Only be charge for 3-5hours, can work for 3 months.




  • 3 Steps Easy installation in minutes

  1. Remove your current peephole, install the outdoor camera

  2. Put on the peephole wire part

  3. Attach the correct sized screw from the screw kit and connect the power strip to the indoor screen






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