Password and IC Card Support Digital Lock


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Product Features:

1. [Multiple Unlocking Methods] Keyless Entry Door Lock supports physical key unlocking, password unlocking, IC card unlocking and fingerprint unlocking. You can unlock it in the way you like, and you will never have to worry about going out without a key in the future.


2. [Easy Installation without Extra Drilling] Zomnua front door lock only needs a Phillips screwdriver to install it easily. Each screw is labeled, no locksmith is required, and you can install it in minutes. Applicable door thickness 1.49-2.36 inches.


3. [Personalized Design] This keypad door lock supports entering 300 sets of passwords, 100 sets of fingerprints and 299 sets of IC cards. Password digits 6-10 with Anti-peep Touchscreen. It can quickly read your password and execute the corresponding program within 0.5s.


4. [Safer & Smarter] Accurate and secure password reading, alloy shell. Waterproof Level: IP63. The door lock will automatically lock after you leave. Built-in voice broadcast system, you only need to follow the voice prompt steps when debugging the lock, so that you can debug the lock settings faster.


5. [Quality Products & Excellent Service] In order to make customers more satisfied with the locks they receive, we have carried out strict screening before leaving the factory. We offer a one-year warranty, and lifetime customer support.





Battery Needed: 4PCS AA batteries. Batteries are not included in the package!


If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us!!!

More Features:

1. Biometric Fingerprint Recognition

Accurate fingerprint recognition, quick unlocks in 0.5 seconds, faster than using a physical key to open the door. The lock can authorize 200+ sets of fingerprints, as well as IC cards, passwords, and other unlocking methods. Customize your unlocked life.


2. Adjustable Handle

After you receive Zomnua Lever Lock, first adjust the handle to match the orientation of the door. The door lock conforms to the habits of People's Daily life. After you enter the password, you just need to turn the handle to open the door easily.


3. Longer Battery Life

The power supply system consists of four batteries, providing a long standby time. It is recommended to replace the battery in about one year. If the keypad is slow to respond due to low battery power, please replace the battery in time.


4. Supports External Power Supply

You can supply emergency power to the door lock via Type-C. After installing the Keyless Entry Door Lock, don't worry about the lock running out of power. You can even leave the house without a physical key.


5. High Quality Alloy Material

The front door lock is IP63 rating and can accommodate both high and low temperatures (-13℉-149℉). In the inclement rain and snow weather, our door lock still keeps the biometric identification has the password to unlock the normal operation.


6. Simple and Safe Reset

The back lock has a built-in reset key. After forgetting the password, you can try to reset it and set the password again. Reset steps: first take out a battery, and then put the battery back, and then long press the reset button to hear bi~ bi~ reset successfully.


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