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Burglar Alarm High Quality Sos Button Home Security Systems 6 Pcs Motion Detection Wireless Wifi Alarm System Smart Home Key Fob


100% Brand New and High Quality!

APP:tuya/smart life

Alarm Base Station:

The central hub of your Alarm system.

Connects all of your Alarm devices to the Smart Life app, so you’ ll always stay in control of your home, wherever you are.

Connects to power with the included power supply.

Contact Sensor:

Alerts you when a door or window is opened.

Uses the Sensor magnet and mounting hardware included with the Contact Sensor Install Kit.

Key Fob:

Gives you hands-on control of your Alarm system.

Press the buttons to set the Alarm in 3 different Security Modes.

PIR Motion Sensor:

Alerts you when someone is passing by.

With 120 wide detection angel and up to 10m detection distance, protecting family safety

Quick Setup Guide

1) Power up the Base Station

The Base Station is the brains and primary siren of your system. communicates with all ofyour devices and sends us your alarm signals if you have activated alarm monitoring service.

Place uour Base Station in a central location in uour house, NOT install it on the floor

The base station must always connects to power with the included power supply.

Rechargeable 8-hour battery backup only as an emergency battery.

2) How to use the Key Fob

Alarm Modes

Your Alarm system has three Security Modes to choose from: Disarmed, Away, and Home You can switch between them using the Key Fob.

Disarmed Modes

No Sensors inside your home are armed. This is useful when you’ re at home and want the freedom to go in and out easily

Away Modes

When you arm in Away Mode, by default all Sensors are armed. This Mode should be used when you goout and there’s no one at home.

Home Modes

When you arm in Home Mode, only door and window Sensors are armed by default. This Mode should be used when someone wants to stay home and feel safe.

SOS button

Alarm features a SOS Alarm in case an emergency occurs while you’ re at home. To trigger it, pressthe button on the Key Fob.

3) Contact Sensor Installation Test and Install the Contact Sensor

①. Remove the batteru activation strip

②. Test the alignment before uou adhere each piece

(The convex trianqular sides of the sensor and maanet need to face each other. ).

The blue light should ftash once when you separating the sensor and magnet.

③. Set uour Alarm Sustem to “Awau Mode”, the base station should sound sirens when you separating the sensor and magnet.

④. Adhere the sensor on the door and the magnet on the doorframe, or the other way around.


How to Arm and Disarm your Alarm

Using the Key Fob, simply press the Disarmed, Away, or Home Mode button.

Using the Smart Life app, simply tap the Mode of your choice.

Disarming will cancel your alarm signal.

If you’ re professionally monitored, disarming the system during an alarm cancels the alarm signalsent to the monitoring center. In an emergency, allow the alarm to continue without disarming until you’ re sure response is not needed.

Security Mode of Sensors

Choosing which Sensors are monitored in each mode.

Each Security Mode monitors specific groups of Sensors.

By default, Away Mode and Home Mode arms only Contact Sensors used on doors and windows.

You can customize which Sensors are armed in Away Mode.

For example, if you want to avoid arming a specific door while in Home Mode, you can adjust this using Mode Settings (choose trigger the Alarm in the Away Mode).

** Sensors set to Away, Home, Disarmed Mode will trigger the alarm even your alarm system is set to Disarmed mode.

Package Included:

1*Base Station

2*Contact Sensors

1*Pir Motion Sensor


1*Remote Control

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