Solar LED Light with PIR Motion Sensor


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Product model: 42LED/84LED/126LED/168LED

Light body material: PC+ABS

Solar panel specifications: monocrystalline silicon 5.5V 1.43W

Battery specification: 18650 lithium battery 3.7V 3000MAH/5000MAH/8000MAH/10000MAH with charge and discharge protection

Output power: 5V/7W

Charging time: 6 hours in the sun

PIR sensing angle: 360 degrees

Sensing distance: 5-10 meters

Button lighting mode:

– OFF: off mode, the indicator light is red;

– First gear: Some people coming, brightly light up for 15-30 seconds, when no one lights off;

– Second gear: Some people coming, brightly light for 15-30 seconds, and when there is no one, the light is always bright and weak;

– Third gear: No matter if no one is there, and the weak light is always on.



Solar waterproof four-sided human body induction wall light switch front setting is easier to operate, and added indicator light display, energy saving and environmental protection, green lighting, long life, durability, low fault repair rate, high radiation stability, simple installation (only need 2 Screws can be fixed on the outdoor wall that can be sun-lit. It is easy to use, intelligent light-sensing control, no adjustment, energy-saving and convenient, making your home more beautiful and intelligent.


Application Scenarios:

Solar waterproof four-sided human body induction wall lamp is suitable for outdoor corridors, garden gates, roof terraces, courtyard wall villas, shop windows, shops, homes and other outdoor environments, no wiring, no electricity, exquisite craftsmanship and unique taste.




10000 mAh Capacity Longer Lighting


The solar security light outdoor build in 10000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows the solar lamp to be continuously illuminated for longer lighting. The solar panels work daytime to store electricity and it can work in Motion sensor mode for 12 hours at night.



3 Lighting Modes + Remote Control


Remote control 3 different modes
Mode 1: Automatically turn on when motion detected and turn off after lighting on around 30 seconds.
Mode 2: Always turn on 10% dim light under darkness condition, it become 100% brightness when motion detected objects.
Mode 3: Always turn on 30% Medium light under darkness condition.



How The Product Works


The product needs to be charged during the day. It should be noted that the solar panel must be aimed at the sun, so as to ensure that the battery is charged and fully charged, and the product can be used all night at night.        



High Efficiency Solar Panels


The product does not require any electricity bills, and has a solar panel with good waterproof and good  performance, which can be directly charged.        



Product Scene Display


The product is easy to install and can be installed in various places, such as gardens, streets, backyards, garages, balconies, side walls.        



Ultra-Large Range Lighting


PIR sensor can detect human motion from 16-49ft. AT NIGHT, when motion is detected, the security lights will automatically turn ON.




Additional information

Emitting Color

B-3000w, D-5000w, A-8000w, C-10000w, Cold White


1 Solar Lamp

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United States


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